Welcome to Bread Kneads

Learn the art of breadmaking in your own home

Let Stewart Little share his many years of breadmaking experience with you and up to three friends in your own home. Learn to make four different breads in about four hours.

What will I learn?

I will come to your house and take you through the production (hands on – you do the work!) of four different breads, from basic ingredients to wonderful, tasty, warm loaves. Copies of all the recipes will be available for you to retain and try on your own.


The complete breadmaking process takes about four hours, depending on the temperature of the kitchen, and cannot be rushed. Please ensure that you and your friends have at least that much time set aside. I want you to get the maximum satisfaction and understanding from the experience so that you feel able to continue making your own bread.

I will provide all the ingredients and equipment necessary, but require the following in your kitchen:

  • work surface to let two people make dough simultaneously

  • space to let the bread sit and prove

  • an oven


The cost is a very reasonable £60 per group. For parties further afield, there will be a small additional charge to cover travel costs.

Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about breadmaking at home, please contact me.